Rio Grande Border Patrol arrested 86 illegal aliens
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Rio Grande Border Patrol arrested 86 illegal aliens


Despite the fact that the US borders are wide open and Joe Biden receives thousands of migrants every day, hundreds of refugees still try to cross the border unnoticed.

Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings reported on the prevention of 5 attempts to illegally enter the United States. Border Patrol agents managed to arrest 86 migrants in several incidents, including home entry and police chases.

In one of the cases, with the assistance of the Rio Grande police, it was possible to arrest 8 illegal immigrants hiding in an empty residence.

Another 21 illegal immigrants were arrested in two traffic incidents, police said.

“Agents responded to the mobile home where they found a group of 13 migrants. Officials identified the migrants as foreign nationals from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua,” Breitbart reports.

A group of Honduran citizens tried to escape from the agents, but two of them were arrested while searching the area.

Image: Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings / @USBPChiefRGV / Twitter


Author: Usa Really