Tampa police made the hole in the head of the BLM protester
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Tampa police made the hole in the head of the BLM protester


Black Lives Matter protest in Tampa ended with a bullet in the head of one of the protesters. According to a man, he was injured during fights with the police.

The victim, Jordon Coury and his attorney Ben Crawford sued the cities for using excessive force.

In a short interview with WMNF, Crawford explained how it all happened.

“It wasn’t looking too crazy by the time we got out there, so I figured, it’s rather moving, so I’d like to start getting some footage, starting, of course, behind the crowd within safety with my girlfriend and, you know, two friends,” he said.

“And it just, out of nowhere, it, the flip switched. And I don’t like what that flip switched, and then that man turned on us and I turned around and shielded two the other people that were with me, pushed them in front of me as we are running, and then, it ended up being me.

After being shot in the head, Crawford went through a course of treatment and rehabilitation.

“It’s difficult, it’s really difficult. My doctors got me on all different kind of medicines trying to help me out, trying to make the day smoother for me, trying to help me get past things,” WMNF reported.

The incident took place in May.

Image: WMNF / Jordon Coury


Author: Usa Really