Pelosi will harvest super profit from Biden's $ 2 trillion plan
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Pelosi will harvest super profit from Biden's $ 2 trillion plan


Access to secret economic plans gives senior officials an edge over others. And the plans of the new US president to develop an energy race towards electricity are already bringing impressive dividends to those who knew about it in advance.

One such knowledgeable is Nancy Pelosi and her husband, who invested up to $ 1 million in Tesla even after Joe Biden became full president of the United States.

Biden's recently announced plan to save the US economy with a total of more than $ 2 trillion includes a clause on $ 174 billion in subsidies for the production of electric cars.

And while spouses of legislators are prohibited by law from investing in companies using non-public information, there is a loophole in this law that such fraud cannot be proven.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell noted that subsidies for electric cars significantly exceed the budget for the construction of roads and bridges.

"It would spend more money just on electric cars than on America’s roads, bridges, ports, airports and waterways combined," the Republican senator said, reports Fox News.

This case, when the Pelosi family makes money on the impoverishment of Americans and uses classified information for their own benefit, is not an isolated one.

A series of suspicious coincidences sparked public outrage when Nancy Pelosi's husband managed to drain the falling stock just before the pandemic crashed the market.

Image: Ron Sachs / Glocal Look Press

Author: Usa Really