City of Baltimore removed statue of Irish-born slaveowner
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City of Baltimore removed statue of Irish-born slaveowner


The city of Baltimore has removed the statue of Captain John O’Donnell, Irish-born slave-owner from a square in the neighborhood he founded in 1786.

The statue, which was installed in the park in the Canton neighborhood in 1980, was dismantled on Monday night. Mayor of Baltimore Brandon Scott said his administration would do much more to get rid of racism.

“I am committed to dismantling structural oppression in Baltimore by working with the City Administrator to commission a team to establish procedures for reviewing the impact of these cruel monuments while continuing to promote equitable policies to right yesterday’s wrongs," Scott said.

O'Donnell, born in Ireland in 1749 is known of owning dozens of slaves. In 1786 O’Donnell bought nearly 2,000 acres where dozens of slaves soon created a plantation. The area then was named Canton after the port city in China where he traded for goods.

It's unclear where the statue was taken.

Author: Usa Really