Duende Diary (V)
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Duende Diary (V)


July 27th

The mistress was still affected by what had happened in the night’s incident with the turtle. At night, she even didn't stick to the refrigerator to snack, she didn't turn off the lights and it seems she had nightmares that made her scream. I'm certainly a talented artist, but it seems I was too categorically creative. I  took  identity to heart. Well, I'll blame it on the cat again. Because it's black. We do this here all the time. People blame it on the black around here. Especially in Florida.

Yes, on that note, a former Florida police officer has confessed to pin the crime on two innocent black men by order of the chief.

Guillermo Ravelo, who had an assignment from the Biscayne Park Police Department earlier this year, pleaded guilty Thursday, the 26th, in Miami federal court on charges of having conspired against a person, his civil rights and deprivation of civil rights in accordance with the law, the Miami Herald reported. That's ten years for each count.

That time his boss, Biscayne Park police chief Raimundo Atesiano, had been accused of urging his staff to pin unsolved crimes on random black people with prior records in order to boost the department's arrest rate.

July 28th

Today I realized the value of the Internet. The Parrot played in the bomb squad. He made a mistake and bit the wrong wire. The whole day was spent without the Internet. Now I understand why the teen in Palo Alto, California broke into a house, woke the owners up and asked to use their Wi-Fi.

Interesting world we live in. Before robbers used to steal valuables. Now they rob for Wi-Fi.

We started to exchange the news just to kill the time. The cat said that North Carolina businessman Keith King was awarded $8.8 million from his wife Danielle's Texas lover, Francisco Huizar III. King sued Huizar for criminal conversation and alienation of affection, accusing him of dissolution of marriage.

Keith married Danielle, who is 15 years younger him in 2010, and the couple has a 5-year-old daughter. Danielle first met Huizar in New York City in 2015; she testified that she pursued him romantically. Huizar works in marketing and earns $84,000 a year.

It pays the rent. It would be cheaper to buy daily a hooker for Huizar. Oh, tempora o mores!

The other guy was unlucky.

A Texas court has ruled that 45-year-old Gabriel Cornejo owes his ex-girlfriend $65,000 in child support despite the fact that a DNA test last year proved he is not the father of her child.

Where is the poor man supposed to go? He must be guilty everywhere.

If the man once slept with a woman, then he must pay for the child support, regardless of whose kids they are.

The damn parrot bit off not only the wire from the Wi-Fi but also the wire from the air conditioner. Now we're sitting in the heat. The cat usually sticks his head under the faucet and lays in that stance for a long time. But I'm too lazy to go to the bathroom. So I thought to pick up the cat to drive to the bathroom, but it’s busy.

An Arizona man decided to deal with the problem of heat differently.

He was leaving a hospital Tuesday and tried to beat the heat by stealing an ambulance to avoid walking.

Look, of course, I'm lazy, but it was worse than I imagined.

A representative with the Phoenix Fire Department told FOX10 it's not out of the ordinary for EMTs to leave the keys in the ignition while bringing a patient into the ER.

Those are just... Everyone's lazy! There's something at work here that I do not understand. Is it hot maybe? If the judges are like that, the guy will probably be acquitted.

July 29th

The parrot told that an American Civil Liberties Union experiment with Amazon's facial recognition software showed the technology confused 28 lawmakers with the mugshots of criminals.

The question is: Maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Maybe there's something more to understand.

July 30th

The mistress is still worried. She brought some freak with dreadlocks today. He smoked something nasty, like a drug. I said repeatedly to get the hell out of here freak. It seems he didn't hear me. He told the hostess that some spirit of a dead former owner lives here. He is lying. The spirit has been moved out for at least a month.

We got to talking to a parrot about a zombie. He said that a so-called 'Zombie Parade' on August, 5th in Russian Perm won't take place because of the challenges made by orthodox priests.

The opinions of Voodoo and our Americans priests — Apocalypse harbingers were not taken into account. They stifle freedom of speech in Siberia. They're stifling.

The cat tapped into the conversation and reported that the age-old dispute in Britain was suddenly allowed: milk added to tea, not the other way around. Now we have peace, they can think what they want.

July 31st

We surf the Internet with a cat. Google mocked the U.S. President: if you enter a word 'Idiot' in a reverse image search, the system showed you dozens of Donald Trump photos. If you use Cyrillic, Google showed you a few photos. A Yandex search system does not show at all.

This suggests that it’s a solid proof that Trump was chosen by the Russians! This is interference in the selection and not only that. The cat offered to impose personal sanctions against Yandex users. And he offered to change the Yandex Board of Directors with the quotas from Google, FBI, and CNN.

August 1st

I don't know who is advised but the mistress started to leave me a saucer of milk on the fridge. It seems like a bribe. I mean, I didn't mind doing that, but is it such a tiny bribe?

For example, an Argentina official's driver wrote down all the bribes delivered to them. He accumulated at least 8 notebooks. Oscar Centeno painted in detail the time and weight of bags of money. Then he gave all the data to the local newspaper and police. After that 12 people were arrested. We are talking about bribes worth more than $ 55 billion.

August 2nd

I watched TV, and the newscaster said that the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued a warning to sexually-active Americans to stop washing and reusing condoms — because, unbelievably, ‘people do it.’

It sounds weird.

I can tell my mistress how to use it right. I've looked on the Internet; people do the most extraordinary things with condoms. All right, look, I changed my mind. I think she already knows better. And it may be dangerous. No one likes to be told the truth. About that — Ohio Judge John Russo ordered police to tape the mouth of armed robbery suspect Franklyn Williams because he would not stop talking during his sentencing hearing at the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court on July 31st.

August 3d

The cat played hide and seek all day.

Author: El Duende