Virginia cops pepper sprayed an army officer during a traffic stop: VIDEO
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Virginia cops pepper sprayed an army officer during a traffic stop: VIDEO


Recently released body camera video shows two Windsor police officers point a tasers on the US army officer because he didn’t want to obey unlawful orders.

The officers were identified as Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker. The victim filed a lawsuit yesterday in the U.S. District Court for Eastern Virginia in Norfolk.

The video does not show what exactly caused the officers' ire, but their behavior is contrary to all police standards.

“I can think of absolutely no reason under the sun as to why those officers should have exited their vehicles with their firearms trained on my client or any other,” explained lawyer Jonathan Arthur.

The incident took place at the beginning of December last year. The plaintiff identified himself as U.S. Army Second Lieutenant Caron Nazario.

“Everyone has heard, I believe, in the doctrine of qualified immunity that protects law enforcement if they don't violate clearly established laws," Arthur said. "In this case, we believe that both the United States Supreme Court, the Fourth Circuit, and the Virginia Supreme Court have all said that this type of behavior is completely inappropriate."

Lt. Caron Nazario lawsuit, ... by 13News Now


Despite the fact that Nazario was unarmed and fully cooperated, the police officer chose to use pepper on the driver and then demanded to blindly obey orders.

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Author: Usa Really