Arizona Citizen Alert: John McCain Fading Into Sunset
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Arizona Citizen Alert: John McCain Fading Into Sunset


News that Arizona Senator John McCain has stepped down from his leadership role at the International Republican Institute has left the CIA and the so-called “Deep State” all teary eyed. But for Americans who seek peace and prosperity, there should be raucous cheering and arm waving. Here’s why.

McCain, who’s done more than any man on Earth to sew conflict and chaos in the world, headed the CIA and U.S. State Department-funded NGO for 25 years on its mission of expanding U.S. interests abroad since the end of the Cold War. But McCain’s true role and that of the little-publicized IRI is not what Arizona citizens will read from AZCentral.

Writer Bree Burkitt reported from the Arizona newspaper the other day on McCain’s staunch criticism of President Donald Trump and on the Helsinki meetup with Vladimir Putin, in the announcement of McCain’s stepping down from IRI. Instead of revealing to Arizona readers what IRI really is, the Arizona Republic writer idolized McCain and his “fight” to “live well,” as the article sums up. As the notorious Arizona senator winds down his career as a warmonger on account of brain cancer, the real trail of his misdeeds is already being covered up.

McCain is the man independent media has revealed standing beside ISIS terrorists and in the heat of the U.S. orchestrated coup d'état in Ukraine. Now his state’s biggest newspaper builds his legend with “McCain's historic reign of International Republican Institute ends.” So, let me counterbalance this candy-coated announcement on IRI by informing readers of the real role of McCain’s international NGO.

The International Republican Institute is the sister organization to the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs. Both NGOs are offshoots funded and run through the National Endowment for Democracy, which is a slush fund for the intelligence community and the U.S. State Department transforming governments worldwide. At the same time, the neocons and liberals in America are accusing the Russians of meddling in U.S. elections, the IRI’s stated purpose is to operate as a political organization abroad, providing training and assistance to favored political parties. Not many readers will know that it was McCain’s IRI that was accused of funding the 2004 Haitian coup, attempting to form up a coup d'état in Cuba, supporting the 2009 Honduran coup d'état, and for training “activists” involved in the Arab Spring upheavals across the Middle East. WikiLeaks cables proved the IRI’s extensive involvement in what we now know as a region-wide strategy of regime change, but no Arizona citizen is ever appraised of this.

A closer look at the IRI reveals partner organizations that include; Freedom House, the U.S. Agency for International Development, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, and the International Foundation of Electoral Systems. Looking at the board of directors of the NGO we find former NSA boss Brent Snowcroft, former Secretary of the Navy J. William Middendorf, Goldman Sachs wonderboy John F.W. Rogers, and a list of neocons crooks to make disgraced former U.S. President Richard Nixon blush. The cadre of IRI agents spans the international banking, EU state affairs, Middle East journalists, and even Sudanese billionaires. The dumbest Phoenix, Arizona garbage collector would easily label the whole IRI scam “crooks incorporated” with a glance at the NGO’s fact sheets.

So, let’s report on Senator John McCain’s stepping down from an NGO that is not really an NGO at all, but an arm of the United States Government created to project U.S power onto the world. Funded by USAID (CIA) and the State Department, with the consent of the Congress, IRI has been about regime change and extending U.S. financial and political interests abroad since Ronald Reagan left office. McCain was in charge for two-and-a-half decades because he succeeded in his missions to build a military industrialist state in America, by extending militarism across the Middle East and toward Russia, China, and Iran.

The IRI is as arrogant and obtuse, and organization as John McCain is a chosen representative of the people. The lead story from the institute’s website landing page is “What Happens When A Democracy Emerges?” The map that shows parts of the world where IRI is at work looks like a war room strategy map. Russia to Guatemala, the only countries where McCain’s overt organization is not stirring discord are nations already firmly in the grasp of the globalists. The IRI boasts of 85 countries and 564 programs ongoing! The new boss of IRI is Senator Dan Sullivan of Arkansas, who is joined by warmonger General H.R. McMaster, the crazy gay-hawk Sen. Lindsay Graham, and another Armed Services Committee minion Senator Joni Ernst, as new board members. Seriously folks, reading these rosters is like calling the roll in the school of international chaos.

Senator John McCain is no hero to Arizona citizens. Senator John McCain is an ambassador of misery and military waste. He’s the worst of the worst warmongering, crooked, arrogant and spiteful American politicians. He’s headed a supposed NGO that cooperates with other globalist players like billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations to turn the world upside down. This is not conjecture, OSF brags about elections IRI has helped influence (read here from Moldova). McCain and his colleagues have been emboldened. They’ve received the stamp of approval from the American people to take over the world, to squeeze it dry, to shape it for their benefactors at the expense of every human being on Earth. And the Arizona Republic hands readers a handkerchief to dry the tears for a man whose claim to fame was being shot down from the skies of Vietnam, and marrying the daughter of a mafioso in Arizona.

Now there’s the real story for you. John McCain is turning over the reigns to younger war criminals. Next, we’ll see the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs boss, the killer Madeleine K. Albright step down. Yes, that’s right. The democrat NGO that is not an NGO at all is run by America’s second most powerful war criminal. We’ll give the full (true) report when that happens.

Author: Winston Smith