Alberta authorities fenced a church refusing to close during a pandemic
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Alberta authorities fenced a church refusing to close during a pandemic


A church in one of the provinces of Canada was surrounded by a solid fence due to the refusal to stop church services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has decided to shield the community from the potential accumulation of infected Covid-19 at Edmonton's GraceLife Church and fence the entire building.

According to local reporters, the crackdown was due to parishioners ignoring the demands of wearing masks and social distancing.

Since last year, more than 100 people have complained to authorities that the church is ignoring all public health safety protocols. AHS conducted more than 18 checks, which confirmed all concerns.

The pastor of GraceLife Church, James Coates, has been imprisoned while his wife Erin Coates is posting a photo of the fenced-in church.

“This is what happens when you have freedom of religion in a free and democratic society: they jail your pastor for freely opening the doors of the church and serving Christ’s sheep and hurting people. Now they’ve chained the doors of GraceLife Church enclosing in chain link fence. This is all under guise of a health order,” she wrote.

Following the installation of the fence, two groups of activists reportedly staged protests, one of which escalated to violent, which damaged one car.

“Although I respect GraceLife protesters’ right to protest, right to worship, and right to free speech, I strongly condemn their illegal trespassing on our land, their vandalization of a Nation member’s vehicle, and their blatant disrespect of our sovereignty as a proud First Nation” Says Chief Billy Morin, whose vehicle was damaged.

Later, the church issued an official statement in which it said that the parishioners did not participate in the protests.

Image: Global News Youtube Prt Scr


Author: Usa Really