More Than 50 Kittens Found in Deplorable Conditions in a New Jersey Home
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More Than 50 Kittens Found in Deplorable Conditions in a New Jersey Home



A New Jersey animal shelter is in need of help after police reported they found a home with more than 50 cats and kittens living in horrible conditions. Some were just days old.

Animal Control officers collected all the animals and took them to a nearby shelter, where they are now being treated for fleas, upper respiratory infections, skin infections and internal parasites.

"His yard has been the talk of the neighborhood for years now. Just to cut the lawn," said one neighbor, Elyse Revak.

Licitra Runs, a local animal control representative, stated that this was among the worst cases he's seen. The homeowner, 61-year-old Ivan Sevastianow, inherited the house from his grandmother and allowed it to denigrate over time.

Sevastianow been charged with dozens of counts of animal cruelty. The flea-ridden cats are under observation by vets at the SPCA, some in critical condition.

"Hopefully the ones we can help and cure we will adopt out, hopefully we won't have to euthanize any of 'em," said Licitra. But most likely, he says, they won't.

Some were also pregnant, or nursing. The shelter is in need of supplies and donations.

"We are in need of supplies and monetary donations to help us continue to care for these cats. As we are already in the midst of kitten season with a full shelter, we need your support more than ever! We have created a special Amazon wishlist for your contribution convenience and you can also donate directly through Facebook for the cause. Thank you for your dedication to our animals," said in a Monmouth County SPCA statement.

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