"Away, Satan!” Knife-Wielding Man Bursts Out of Freezer in New York Restaurant
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"Away, Satan!” Knife-Wielding Man Bursts Out of Freezer in New York Restaurant

Hank Berrien

UPPER WEST SIDE, NEW YORK — August 7, 2018

This strange incident occurred at Sarabeth's Restaurant on the Upper West Side on Sunday. The unknown man was found in a freezer at the restaurant.

It is still unclear how the man got into the kitchen freezer without anyone spotting him.

As the restaurant's employees later explained, while fetching frozen food for the restaurant's kitchen,  the unknown man jumped out of the freezer, lunging at the employees with a knife.

"Away, Satan! Away," he shouted, according to police sources.

The employees attempted to restrain the man, managing to push him to the ground in defense, but by the time authorities had arrived an hour later, the man had already gone into cardiac arrest. The odd man was transported to the hospital where he died.

Police say the man allegedly suffered from a yet undetermined medical condition. They added the man is from Arizona. At present, they are not sure how he got into the freezer in the first place, nor the exact nature of his medical condition.

Suzanne O'Brien, a woman who lives around the corner from Sarabeth's, was outside moments after police arrived.

"I was coming out of Duane Reade because I live across the street and I noticed all these police cars, which obviously if there is more than one, there is an issue," she said.

"If they were there overnight, well obviously you can't be there in freezer overnight, but if somebody had broken in it's not like you would see them at 11 for the first time or around that time. You would have done that way earlier because you have to prepare the food," O'Brien added.

The Upper West resident speculated that the intruder may have snuck in through the delivery entrance.

"The only thing I can think about is that unfortunately these back entrances sometimes are a little bit loose. It's hot out. There are doors open. I mean, I've seen this with other restaurants," she said.

The NYC Medical Examiner is now attempting to determine the cause of death, and the investigation regarding the incident is ongoing.

Author: USA Really