California man dies during arrest because he was too drunk to answer cops
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California man dies during arrest because he was too drunk to answer cops


Alameda police released a bodycam video of detaining a man in a result of which the man died pinned to the ground.

The deceased man was identified as 26-year-old Mario Gonzalez of Oakland. The incident took place on April 19th.

In the video, two officers approached the man, saying that they had been called regarding a man who was “not feeling so great”. Gonzalez could not answer a single question. Then the officers took him by the arms, but the man began to resist.

As a result, Gonzalez was knocked to the ground and pinned down with the knee. The video shows that the knee presses on the detainee's shoulder blade. In the same way, Officer Chauvin held George Floyd before he died.

While trying to handcuff Gonzales' hands, one of the officers constantly talks to the man. Asks his name and age.

At some point, Gonzales stops responding. The officers turn him over and cannot find a pulse.

The Alameda Police Department immediately announced that an extensive investigation into the incident was launched. At the moment, he is conducting a forensic examination. Both officers were suspended pending investigation.

“The Alameda Police Department is committed to full transparency and accountability, releasing the body worn camera video, and getting answers to the public. Because outside agencies are handling this investigation, all involved parties will be interviewed before the video is made public to ensure the integrity of the investigations. We understand the community’s frustration and are doing everything possible to provide this information to the family first and then the public as quickly as possible,” says the statement.


Author: Usa Really