Tennessee and Florida Introduce Safe Elections Laws
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Tennessee and Florida Introduce Safe Elections Laws


The Florida bill passed the Senate 23-17, which, once signed by the Governor, will require all residents voting by mail to accompany their ballots with a wet signature. At the same time, Tennessee voted unanimously to apply watermarks on absentee ballots.

Florida drop boxes will be “guarded” by an elections official, and ID would be required when dropping off ballots. According to lawmakers, the bill, SB 90 will exclude any influence on voters and prevent the possibility of interference in the electoral process.

The bill also requires supervisors to set and publish drop box locations 30 days before the election. Those locations cannot be moved for any purpose. Democrat, state Rep. Anna Eskamani criticized the bill.

“It makes it harder to vote by mail, prohibits groups from passing out water to voters and tries to limit ballot boxes. I’m sad but proud of the Democratic Caucus for fighting so hard. Keep fighting,” Eskamani wrote.

Tennessee passed a bill that requires all absentee ballots to have invisible watermarks.

“The cost of the bill will only be $105 per election commission and it will make elections more secure,” Bongino reports.


Senate Bill 1314 passed the Senate, 27-0, on Monday, and the House adopted the Senate version of the bill Tuesday, 92-1. The bill will now head to Gov. Bill Lee to sign.

“Democrats are for secure elections,” Rep. Antonio Parkinson, D-Memphis, said, reports The Washington Examiner. “Don’t get it twisted.”

An early version of the bill also included a ban on accepting money from individuals and companies such as Facebook and Google, which directly affect the US elections, but after the revision, it was decided to limit itself to watermarks.

Image: / Maryland GovPics / CC BY 2.0 / Global Look Press / Jim Loscalzo

Author: Usa Really