President Biden cancels construction and funding of all Border Wall projects
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President Biden cancels construction and funding of all Border Wall projects


President Biden reportedly yet cancelled all projects of building the Border Wall started by former President Trump.

After Congress refused to fully fund the construction of the Trump’s Wall directly, Joe Biden announced that some funding will be instead used on repairing environment damaged caused by the construction of the wall.

"Consistent with the President’s Proclamation terminating the redirection of funds for border wall, no more money will be diverted from other purposes to building a border wall," a Biden administration official said Friday.

On Friday, the Biden administration announced that it would halt the construction and use some of the $1.4 billion to fix the environmental damage from the construction like flood barriers in the Rio Grande Valley and soil erosion in San Diego.

"Today, the Department of Defense will begin cancelling all wall projects using the diverted funds, and will take steps to return remaining unobligated military construction funds to their appropriated purpose as permitted by law."

Biden was ready to renew the building soon after he occupied the office and faced the immigration crisis in its full splendor just giving it a pause for at least 60 days. This period lasted for too long though.

As of now, the Government Accountability Office is reportedly working on a report to clarify if the pause was legal under the Impoundment Control Act.


Photo by The White House/Public Domain

Author: Usa Really