Florida elementary school principal caught on camera wacking a 6-year-old girl with a wooden paddle
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Florida elementary school principal caught on camera wacking a 6-year-old girl with a wooden paddle


A Florida school principal was caught on camera whacking a 6-year-old student girl with a paddle.

Local reports say that Melissa Carter, who is the head pf Central Elementary School in Clewiston is now under the investigation after the incident. The inappropriate principle’s methods were filmed by the student’s mother.

Carted can be seen in the video bending the girl and hitting her several times with the wooden paddle. The mom was called to school reportedly because of her daughter was causing the school about $50-worth of damage to a computer.

The mother thought she could handle the situation by simply paying the fee but what she saw when she entered the principal’s office, shocked her to the depth of her heart.

When at school, the mother, whose name wasn’t specified, was sent to the principal’s office where she found her child with Carter and a school clerk. The mother said, that Carter “started to scream.”

“What are we doing in this place? My daughter and I, alone,” the mom said she wondered.

The idea to report the incident to the police came to the mom’s head in the first place but she wasn’t sure that the authorities would believe her. That is why she hid her cellphone inside her purse with a camera turned on so it could record the entire incident.

“Nobody would have believed me,” the mom told the outlet. “I sacrificed my daughter, so all parents can realize what’s happening in this school.”

Or course, the whacking could not remain traceless and the doctors determined the red marks and bruises on the girl’s skin caused by the paddle the same day.  

“I’m going to get justice for my daughter because if I could not do it in front of her, I’m going to do it with justice,” the woman said.

Later it was confirmed that the Clewiston Police Department alongside the Department of Children and Families launched an investigation into the incident.

Lawyer of the girl’s family, Bret Provinski, said that it was pure “aggravated battery,” and the State Attorney’s Office is now weighing whether bring the criminal charges against Carter and the clerk.

“The child is terrified, she feels vulnerable. There’s nothing she can do in the hands of these adults, who treated her so brutally, savagely, sadistically,” Provinski said.

Author: Usa Really