One More Embarrassing Biden’s Speech Which No One Can Understand
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One More Embarrassing Biden’s Speech Which No One Can Understand


While Trump supporters scoff at the dying cognitive abilities of the current US president, Joe Biden's supporters are perplexed and ask why their President cannot put two words together.

Biden's speech about mass transit, in which he mentioned Barack Obama and some Amtrak, will forever remain a mystery to the whole of America.

“If you think about it, when I was Vice President with Barack, he allowed me to put together a budget for Amtrak. It had money for high speed rail at 200 miles an hour from, excuse me, from Charlotte, and another line going from in Florida down to Tampa. Another line, if we had moved, Gov, we’d have that tunnel fixed in New York now. The money was there to get it done. There’s so much we can do. It’s the biggest bang for the buck we can expend,” Biden said.


Users of social networks assume that the teleprompter was junk again and the President was unable to read the prepared text. Others believe that Biden deliberately made a speech without a teleprompter to prove that he can get his message across to people.

“In my American Jobs Plan, I proposed spending $10 billion a year on passenger rail and freight rail. Of this, two thirds would support existing Amtrak routes, including the Northeast Corridor, but nationwide. We’re talking about union jobs, as I said,” Biden said. “We’re taking care of the riders, lane track, wiring switches, fixing bridges, tunnels, modernizing stations, and repairing and rebuilding this vital infrastructure. This would allow for the potential to expand passenger rail service. Imagine a two-hour train ride between Atlanta and Charlotte going in speeds of 220 miles an hour, a two and a half-hour trip between Chicago and Detroit or faster and more regular trips between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, a route that I imagine could be pretty popular on Fridays.”

Author: Usa Really