Georgia Governor Signed the Bill Securing Police from Defunding
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Georgia Governor Signed the Bill Securing Police from Defunding


BLM activists were defeated in Georgia after Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill that would not allow the police budget to be cut.

House Bill 286 sponsor, State Representative Houston Gaines cited three of the most criminal hotbeds in the United States - Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Portland. These cities went on to cut police budgets and were drowned in crime and violence.

“Over the last year, we’ve seen radial calls to defund the police in cities across the nation. In cities like Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Portland – where local governments have slashed police budgets, crime has skyrocketed. Now those cities are working to restore that funding, and I’m glad to see them come to their senses – but it’s too late for the crimes that have been committed, the damage that has been done to those communities, and the lives lost,” Gaines said, Breitbart reports.

Attempts to cut police budgets in Atlanta and Athens had failed months earlier. The Gaines said that amid a 50 percent increase in crime rates, their goal is to fund more police to keep communities safe.

“Now is the time to invest in law enforcement. We need to increase the pay of our police officers, add money in the budget for more resources, and stand by those who keep our communities safe. Because the reality is: defunding the police is a radical movement that will endanger our families and our law enforcement officers alike,” he added.

Image: Georgia National Guard / Flickr

Author: Usa Really