Michiganian logged in Zoom court under the name “Buttf*cker 3000”
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Michiganian logged in Zoom court under the name “Buttf*cker 3000”


A Michigan man nearly went to jail for logging into a Zoom conference trial under the nickname “Buttf*cker 3000”.

As soon as the man appeared on the screens of 10 other meeting participants, St. Joseph County District Court Chief Judge Jeffrey Middleton interviewed a man.

“Then we will bring this fool in,” the judge says as the man appears on the Zoom screen. “Good morning sir, what’s your name?”

“Nathaniel Saxton, sir,” the man responds.

“Your name is not Buttfucker 3000?” Middleton asks. “Logging into my court with that as your screen name, what kind of idiot logs into court like that? What’s your name again?”

“Nathaniel Saxton, sir, but I don’t believe that I typed anything like that in,” the man responds sheepishly.

“Well that’s what it says,” Middleton replies.

“Well I apologize, that should not be there,” Saxton says.

“Yeah you should,” Middleton says. “I’ll put you in the waiting room. You can sit in limbo for awhile and think about what you call yourself online.” He then removes Saxton from the Zoom call.

The absurdity of the video, which by Tuesday had over 179,000 views on YouTube, grabbed the attention of commenters.

“Judicial types have zero sense of humour whatsoever so that makes it even funnier,” one commenter wrote.

But Middleton is no stranger to abnormal court meetings. Two of his Zoom hearings have been recorded and posted online in the past year. In one trial, a lawyer realized the plaintiff was in the same house as the defendant, her abuser.

“He’s one more incident away from getting his own syndicated Judge Judy style show,” one user wrote of the judge. “I’d watch it tbh.”

His drug paraphernalia charge was described in court as a violation of a city ordinance and punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine.

Saxton initially pleaded not guilty but changed his mind after the judge told him the normal fine for the charge is $200. Prosecutor John Barnes had said he was found with a used syringe that tested positive of meth residue, reports The Daily Mail.

Author: Usa Really