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USA Really presents: The Global Democracy Award

The Global Democracy Award is a contest for everyone, but especially for independent journalists, writers, activists, artists, script writers and media-members. All adult citizens (persons or collectives) of the United States can take part in the competition.

The idea behind the contest is based on the factual information that results from an investigation (or creative approach) showing how the US government interferes in the affairs of other countries. Topics to consider include: Does Washington really want to help spread democracy, or is there something else behind the political (as well as economic, military and other) actions of the United States?; how the United States influences — through the manipulation of political elections, the organization of coups d’état and direct intervention; and the methodology of soft power.

The competition will be held between 5 nominees. The winner will be determined through a two-tiered transparent system: 50% through USA Really readers (via voting on the site), and 50% by an independent jury (the list of members will be announced shortly).

№1. The John Reed "Best Essay" Award ($ 3500)

The format of the essay should be 2000-2500 words, in .doc / .docx format, Times New Roman font, 12 point, with a one and a half interval on the pages. The essay should be an original description of what the author sees as a significant event related to US interference in the internal affairs of an independent state.

Essays must be accompanied with citations from proven historical sources, research and newspaper materials. Links to Wikipedia are not allowed.

First place - $ 2000, second - $1000, third - $500

№2. The Sacco and Vancetti "Best Video" Award ($ 1800)

The subject of the video should cover US interference in the internal affairs of an independent state, having conducted a holistic study of news stories, analytical programs, etc.

Format: 7-15 minutes.

First places - $ 1000, second - $500, third - $300

№3. The Pepe The Frog "Best Meme" Award ($ 1000)

A competition for the best meme on the same topic as above. Measures are in place to ensure that the meme is original.

First place - $500, second - $300, third - $200

№4. The Nathanael West "Best Poem" Award ($ 1000)

The best work of art on the same topic; entries can be either songs or poems.

First place - $ 500, second - $ 300, third - $ 200

№5. The Aldous Huxley "Future Intervention Prediction" Award ($ 1800)

The format is 1000-1500 words, the rules of submission and evaluation are the same as those of The John Reed essay award, with one important difference: In this essay, based current developments in US foreign policy, the author must ‘predict’ the next country America will invade to establish “democracy.” The essay should include sophisticated argumentation of why the author's prediction is likely.

Any sources can be used in this essay, but it is desirable that the articles source mainstream American media and books by respected American authors.

First place - $ 1000, second - $ 500, third - $ 300

Prizes will be awarded through a bank-transfer after winners have been announced.

Essays, memes and other materials that take prizes will be published on the USA Really website. The editors reserve the right to publish any submitted materials.

Entries must be submitted before December 31, 2018, to

The entry-email should also include a completed application form (Download Here!).