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Forbidden Fruit Is Sweet

12:36 am   June 2, 2018

Once we’ve decided to make a poll about what else we need in US to be happy. By the way, it turned out not that simple as it looks like. Each State has its own laws, sometimes very kinky, from prohibition of oral sex (Indiana, Missouri) and sexual contact with birds (North Dakota) to the ban for bear wrestling. There are many other odd things that lawmakers around the country have banned in their States for reasons we cannot explain. But, there are Laws that apply in all States, that should be obeyed by everyone, including tourists: you can not smoke, drink alcohol and gamble if you are under 21, smoking in public places is prohibited, even in some parks, you can not leave children under 12 years without supervision and many others.

We can beat about the bush for a long time, but to stop verbal diarrhea, let’s go straight to business, we mean to our poll question. So, we suggest you to think about the following question: what is needed to be legalized in US to make us happy?

Select one of the options below or suggest your own in the comments.