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The National Security

2:10 pm   June 29, 2018

Which of your rights are you ready to throw away to help the CIA “defend” the US?

In 2013, ex-NSA employee, Edward Snowden disclosed the reality of the new global surveillance system which has been constructed by the US government to spy on its own citizens. The inalienable human right to privacy has now become a subject for debate. The NSA, CIA and other powerful government agencies claim that combating worldwide terrorism requires mass, global surveillance, surveillance which includes its own citizens.

Can the right to privacy co-exist with intelligence agencies desire to access and analyze every detail of an individual’s life? Should we forfeit our privacy to bolster defense against supposed terrorist threats? Are there any guarantees that the agencies involved wouldn’t use this information for other purposes?

In 2017, the so-called Vault 7 document cache was leaked to Wikileaks, supposedly by ‘Snowden 2’: Joshua Adam Schulte, a CIA employee.  Vault 7 is about using gadgets, such as smartTVs, as spying devices. Anyone can be a target. Anyone’s personal information can be accessed by the CIA with the use of file viruses.

In the light of the investigation of Vault 7, we are asking you what rights you are willing to sacrifice to help surveillance agencies meet their “national security” goals. Will it be the right to privacy, freedom of speech, maybe freedom of assembly? The choice is yours America.

What rights are you ready to abandon in the name of “national security?”