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Alexander Georges Kini

Expert: Alexander Georges Kini

Born in Syria in 1944.

Master of Art in Stage Direction.

Ph.D in Drama History.

Doctorate in Social Anthropology.

Professor of Philosophy (Religion and Politics).

Author of 7 monographs on Philosophy, Religion, Anthropology.

Translated 18 books from Russian into Arabic and from English into French and from French into Arabic.

Author of about 200 articles.

Work Experience:

Translator at Moscow News, Editions Radouga, Moscow Radio, Radio Tashkent,

Teacher of English, French and Arabic,

Director of the Middle-East Centre at the Diplomatic Academy of Russian Foreign Min,

Director of the M.E. Centre at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology,

Professor of Social Anthropology at Moscow State Pedagogic University,

Professor of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Culture and Art.

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